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Primary Curriculum
Child Care, JK, SK at Guelph Montessori School

In the Montessori primary curriculum, most materials are self-correcting. This quality enables children to work on their own--without constant correction and discouragement from a teacher or another child. The process is self-education, building self-confidence through competence. The Montessori approach, therefore, forms a solid foundation for the child's education and life. The child-centered learning environment allows our Directresses (vs. Teachers) to provide guidance and direction to each child based on their personal level and interest.

The primary curriculum at Guelph Montessori includes concrete materials, like the Large Bead Frame being used in this photo. By working--primarily on their own--with these materials, children can more easily grasp abstract ideas.

The main elements make up the Guelph Montessori School's primary curriculum:

  1. Practical Life
  2. Sensorial Learning
  3. Language
  4. Mathematics
  5. Culture and Geography
  6. French
  7. Physical Education

Child Care at Guelph Montessori School

Our primary curriculum is a great option for families looking for nurturing, educational child care in Guelph. We provide an authentic Montessori environment where children are safe, comfortable and happy to learn.