Early Childhood Education at Guelph Montessori School

Our Toddler Community at GMS is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique needs of children aged 18 to 30 months. With a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:5, our dedicated staff provides exceptional early childhood education to families in Guelph and the surrounding area.

Within this nurturing environment, toddlers come to view the classroom as their own peaceful sanctuary where they embrace a meaningful role in their own care and the care of their environment.

Designed with utmost care, our classroom features furniture tailored for maximum independence, complemented by Montessori toddler materials that are both inviting and appealing to the children. Under the guidance of a certified Montessori toddler teacher, our program recognizes the remarkable absorbent nature of a child's mind during the initial three years of life. Driven by Dr. Maria Montessori's concept of "the absorbent mind," children naturally develop language and motor skills in a rich learning environment, laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

About Guelph Montessori School

Our goal is to maintain an active partnership involving students, teachers, parents, community and staff to develop a love of learning while embracing our diversity and unique talents in a safe, challenging, respectful and supportive environment.

At GMS, our Montessori Toddler Early Childhood Education Program is centred on creating a secure and nurturing space, rich with learning opportunities, where young explorers thrive. Focusing on language and motor development, our program supports the acquisition of self-help skills, including toilet training, while fostering trust in relationships. The environment is meticulously designed to encourage exploration, enhance concentration, and refine coordination. Observations by our teachers ensure that each child's development and readiness are monitored, guiding them towards important milestones.

Our Montessori toddler experience integrates social interaction, language development, independence, food preparation, as well as music and movement activities, enriching every aspect of your child's early education journey.