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Plug into the School Calendar

Do you depend on the calendar on your computer or smart phone? Tired of manually adding school events? Well, now you can plug directly into Guelph Montessori's online calendar, so that events appear automatically in your computer's or smart phone's calendar. So say goodbye to typos and save time!

General Instructions

The steps below are what you basically need to do. However, if this is unclear, scoll down and find the specific instructions for your calendar/email software.

  1. Click/tap on the following URL: An iCalendar (.ics) file should automatically download to your device's Downloads folder. As shown here, the filename will be numerical. Your file's thumbnail may be different from the example here.

  2. Import the downloaded .ics calendar file to your device's calendar app -- e.g., Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, etc.

  3. If there's a read-only option, select that for this calendar.

Instructions for Your Software

We have compiled detailed instructions for the following calendar/email software. We will add instructions for other programs as the need arises.

For Mac Users

  1. In iCal, follow the steps to create a new calendar. (You can name it "School Calendar" or whatever.)
  2. Select the option to "subscribe."
  3. For the location, copy and paste the following URL:
  4. Sync your iPhone. (The iCal program will now automatically sync new school events to your calendar.)

Thunderbird with Lightning
If you use Mozilla Thunderbird for email and Thunderbird's Lightning calendar add-on, follow these steps:

  1. In the Calendar pane, right-click and select "new calendar."
  2. Select to create a calendar "on the network."
  3. Use the "iCalendar (ICS)" option, and use as the location.
  4. Type a name for this calendar (e.g., School Calendar), select a colour, and select "none" as the associated emai account. Don't select "show alarms." Then click "Done."
  5. In the Calendar pane, right-click on the new calendar, select Properties, and select the "read-only" option.


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